mandag den 17. februar 2014

mandag den 10. februar 2014

Some Chai and Second Hand Shopping

I went to a second hand shop and bought the strangelooking spoon, the mini teapot and that little bowl from a "Royal Albert" china set. 
In the background is a glass filled with an AWESOME good tasting chai tea made from the " Sweet n' Spicy" tea I bought in Tante T.  

Puff is truely mesmerized by the power of TEA! 

lørdag den 8. februar 2014

Martin's Celebration Night

Today we had a small party for one of our friends in The Mulberry Garden. He's an elderly guy with whom we often joke about his age and other various stuff. But all in all he's an awfully good person who runs and jumps for all of us. He has his heart in the right place. :)

One of his favorite hobbies is to ninja-hug me. And usually when I least expect it!

fredag den 7. februar 2014

The Tea Loot

After A Visit To "Tante T" With The Tea Society Club

I bought tea. Lots of tea! Everlasting teas. Good teas. Spledid teas. AWESOME teas!
I bought three different teas when visiting "Tante T" in Copenhagen. 

- Pai Mu Tan. (A plain white tea).
- Yoga. ( Ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and pepper). 
- Sweet n' Spicy ( Errhm it contains MANY spices.) 
- And I got a sample for "Frøken Sommersko" ( Miss Summershoe). It's a white tea with lavender, marigold and camomile. A good tea for stress relief and relaxation. 

Pai Mu Tan

Yoga Tea

Sweet n' Spicy 

"Frøken Sommersko" - "Miss Sommershoe" 

mandag den 3. februar 2014

Appointment at the Doctor's and New Sweets from Nellie Dellie's

Today my doctor admitted with a heavy heart that she and other doctors in Denmark do not know enough about hypothyroidism. She then told me she would be very happy if I made her a list of things people with hypothyroidism should avoid eating. I already told her that sugar was a HUGE no-go. But what can you do to satisfy your sweet tooth then? 

Later I went to Føtex and found these:

"Nellie Dellie's" is a brand that uses stevia to sweeten their products. Stevia is a plant 300 sweeter than sugar, and is also said to actually regulate your bloodsugar. Sound good, right? :D
But for most people (myself included) it has some very 'gassy' side effects!


torsdag den 30. januar 2014


I drew this for a kakairu fanfiction a few days ago. And yes, it is two men. ;)
The author of the story was very pleased, but we both agreed on the fact that this wasn't an actual described scene in her fanfic. So, I am currently drawing another one. *sigh*
This was a challenge, and I really do love challenges! So, prepare for another one of these. And if you don't like this sort of thing, then you can just as easily click/look away. ;)

lørdag den 18. januar 2014

Aura & Albus

My friend E has two wonderful cats, Aura and Albus.
(I love to draw, but I still need a little bit more practice when it comes to colouring my drawings- whether it is digitally or painted with acrylic colours.)