mandag den 3. februar 2014

Appointment at the Doctor's and New Sweets from Nellie Dellie's

Today my doctor admitted with a heavy heart that she and other doctors in Denmark do not know enough about hypothyroidism. She then told me she would be very happy if I made her a list of things people with hypothyroidism should avoid eating. I already told her that sugar was a HUGE no-go. But what can you do to satisfy your sweet tooth then? 

Later I went to Føtex and found these:

"Nellie Dellie's" is a brand that uses stevia to sweeten their products. Stevia is a plant 300 sweeter than sugar, and is also said to actually regulate your bloodsugar. Sound good, right? :D
But for most people (myself included) it has some very 'gassy' side effects!


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