fredag den 7. februar 2014

The Tea Loot

After A Visit To "Tante T" With The Tea Society Club

I bought tea. Lots of tea! Everlasting teas. Good teas. Spledid teas. AWESOME teas!
I bought three different teas when visiting "Tante T" in Copenhagen. 

- Pai Mu Tan. (A plain white tea).
- Yoga. ( Ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and pepper). 
- Sweet n' Spicy ( Errhm it contains MANY spices.) 
- And I got a sample for "Frøken Sommersko" ( Miss Summershoe). It's a white tea with lavender, marigold and camomile. A good tea for stress relief and relaxation. 

Pai Mu Tan

Yoga Tea

Sweet n' Spicy 

"Frøken Sommersko" - "Miss Sommershoe" 

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